XAM Developers Group

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XAM Developers

The Xam Developers Group is a leading resource for everything XAM related. This includes the XAM SDK. XAM is an abstract system that allows applications to store, retrieve and display data, much in the same way that a file system would. XAM is a platform agnostic solution, meaning it can be used with a wide variety of hardware and software. Its XSet and XSystem objects provide the underlying storage and connectivity mechanisms for a broad range of storage devices.

XAM has a lot to offer the developer, from its XAML based object-oriented programming model to its open-source library and tools, XAM is a flexible, scalable and extensible platform. As with any technology, XAM will likely see significant upgrades and updates over time. However, XAM has already carved its place as the go-to platform for developers and product teams looking to get the most from their next project.

Application Performance Management Tools

XAM has been in the game since 2007. Its products include an XAML-based object-oriented programming model and tools, and a XAMLibrary, which acts as a factory for XSystem and XSet objects. In addition to XAM’s standard features, the XAM Developers Group has a team of highly skilled engineers and project managers who are committed to delivering world-class solutions that will enable clients to improve their efficiency and productivity. XAM also offers a range of services to enhance and extend the functionality of existing systems. For example, XAM has developed a suite of services to allow applications to migrate from the conventional storage to a new, more flexible and secure class of storage system.