Modern Design and Architecture

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modern homesThere is a big difference between modern homes and traditional homes. The latter is generally outdated and not used much by its occupants. But modern homes aim at giving their owners maximum comfort. Thus they are less utilitarian in nature. Modern homes are minimalist. This extends from shape follows function where you do not add anything to your home which is not directly useful.

The most important characteristic of modern homes is the absence of clutter. Clutter accumulates over time and it becomes a hindrance for the smooth flow of movement in a home. In traditional style homes usually there is a lot of movement in them and that clutter impairs the feeling of relaxation and comfort. Wherever possible, modern homes have large windows to let in natural light. Natural light helps you in escaping from the dark especially during the daytime.

Contemporary homes are smaller in size and have large windows. Contemporary styles are usually minimalist. This gives the impression that contemporary homes are cramped like small apartments. The spaciousness can be seen in the design of contemporary homes through the use of large windows. Large windows in contemporary homes help let in lots of natural light. This is one of the most important features of contemporary homes.

In contrast to traditional style home construction, modern homes are less concerned about the construction of structural elements. Modern architecture is based on the premise of sustainability. Structural elements such as concrete and steel are avoided in contemporary houses because they take up a lot of resources which may not be required in future. Such materials used in construction are of low cost and do not create any waste products.

A major reason for the popularity of modern homes is the style and design, which is made to be functional. Many homeowners choose modern design because these styles follow the basic premise of being simple and yet stylish. The use of very large windows also helps reduce the energy cost. Since modern homes incorporate various innovative architectural features, they require less maintenance.

The other important aspect of modern homes is their use of natural materials like wood, tiles, glass and steel. Traditional style homes use heavy metal constructions. But now a days many modern homes use materials like glass windows which reflect natural sunlight. This enables the heat and light to penetrate into the rooms. Similarly, the use of non-slip tiles and natural materials like wood and stone allows movement in the rooms without much effort. Some of the common structural elements used in modern homes include: sliding doors, vertical windows, skylights, double glazed windows, lintels, etc.