Choosing a Pie Carrier

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pie carrier

Pie carrier | Amish Baskets are a labor of love: they require an expert balance of crust, filling, and decoration. They come in a range of flavors, from lemon meringue to apple crumb, and can be decorated with swirls of whipped cream or toasted meringue.

Pie carriers are specially designed to securely cradle pies for transport and storage. They may be made of plastic, glass or metal and feature a lid that can be opened.

The best pie carrier will have a flat base and domed lid that can be adjusted to accommodate almost any pie pan. It should be easy to open and close, and it should have secure latches or clips that attach to a base or directly to the pie pan.

How to Transport Your Pies in Style: The Benefits of Using an Amish Pie Carrier

Ceramic is a good choice for baking pies because it conducts heat evenly and quickly, which helps create a golden crust without soggy bottoms or undercooked filling. However, it may take longer to preheat than a glass or aluminum pie dish and might be more difficult to clean.

Glass is another popular option because it’s clear and lets you see the bottom of a pie as it cooks, helping bakers adjust their recipes. The best glass pie dish has a depth of 1 to 1.25 inches.

A soft-sided carrier with a sturdy base is also preferable. The base should be non-slip or have grippy properties, and it should not be too wide, because that could cause the carrier to slide during transport.