Caster Wheel Guards

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caster wheel guards

Caster wheel guards help protect caster wheels from damaging and marking all types of floors. They also keep casters from tracking in dirt and debris, which can increase the life of your casters.

Caster Wheel Types: Soft and Hard

The caster wheel guards is the part of a caster that rolls on the ground. It can be made of a variety of materials, including rubber, steel and plastic. The material chosen depends on the application and whether the caster is going to be used for industrial, commercial or residential purposes.

Stem System

The majority of casters are attached to chairs and other furniture by means of a stem, which is inserted into the leg socket. The stem is secured in place by a split steel ring, also known as the grip ring.

Protecting Your Investment: The Importance of Caster Wheel Guards for Workplace Safety

Most heavy-duty casters are installed using a top plate mount. This is similar to the way an office chair is mounted, with a yoke and axel screwed into the bottom of the cart or chair through the plate mount.

Thread Guards

Certain industries and institutions find that excessive amounts of lint, thread and other soft materials have a tendency to work into caster wheel bearings. To prevent this from occurring, Colson offers metal thread guards on some casters. These are molded to fit between the spanner bushing and the caster leg, preventing the thread from working into the axle.

Toe Guards

CC Toe guards are designed to prevent injury by directing larger objects away from the casters and wheels as they roll. This reduces the chance of a fall and helps to limit workers comp claims by ensuring that employees can move before the object hits them.