Bike Locks

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bike locks

Many bike locks have disc-detainer mechanisms, which are fairly secure. These locks do not use springs or other parts that can break, which means that they work properly for years. Oxford offers several different models that will fit any bike size, but the Shackle 14 D-lock is a great choice for most people. If you don’t have a cable for your lock, you can buy a replacement cable from Oxford. However, it is not recommended for long-term parking.

These Locks Do Not Use Springs

When choosing a bike lock, take a look at the size, weight, and price. Price can often offset convenience. Consider how important security is to you, and try to balance these two factors. Narrow down your choices until you’ve found a lock you like. There are plenty of options out there, so choose wisely. Just remember that a better bike lock is a combination of convenience and security. This way, you’ll have the highest level of security possible.

A good bike lock is essential, no matter where you are. Make sure you lock it properly and keep it out of the way of large machines. I’ve been in a situation where an SUV has run over a Schwinn locked to a bike rack. Those who lock up their bikes well can rest assured that they won’t be stolen. In addition, there are many bike racks that are made for locking bikes securely. But be sure to choose a lock that fits the bike rack you’re using.