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Backpacks & Gear

If your kid has to bring books, supplies and other school gear to school, then it’s important that they have a backpack that fits the load. A backpack with multiple pockets and compartments will make it easier for them to find everything they need at school.

A backpack Bag Digest can be made of a variety of materials, including canvas, leather, nylon, polyester, polypropylene and Cordura. Some are even more durable than others.

Top Backpacks for Hiking and Camping Trips

A good backpack is the first step in planning a great trip, so choose one that fits your needs and style. For example, a pack that’s designed to accommodate a long hike should be able to fit lots of layers, a sleeping bag and extra gear, and still be comfortable.

Consider a backpack with a breathable back panel and ventilation channels to keep your pack from sweating and becoming uncomfortable. This will also help to combat the dreaded “sweating-back syndrome” that many internal-frame backpacks can cause when they ride against your back.

The Ideal Backpack for Travel

When traveling, it’s important to have a backpack that’s lightweight and easy to transport. There are a wide array of backpacks that can easily fit under an airplane seat and feature features like a laptop sleeve, water bottle holder and a front zippered pocket below the folding magnetic lock.

When you’re ready to shop, check out the full range of backpacks at Target. They come in all sorts of colors and styles and are a perfect complement to any outfit.